Thursday, 10 June 2010

Things are looking up Down Under

Again with the CCSVI...

Encouraging news out of Australia

From the New South Wales Department of Health website:

On 20 May, a revised position in relation to CCSVI was advised by Bill Younger, CEO of MS Australia - it includes the observation that MS Australia ACT/NSW/VIC intends to work with leading expert neurologists, vascular surgeons, radiologists, other medical professionals, MS Research Australia and the CCSVI community group to find out more and communicate findings about CCSVI. While it does not recommend that people living with MS seek CCSVI treatment outside controlled tests it acknowledges that this is a matter to be discussed on an individual basis between the pwMS and their specialist healthcare professional - read more. In this regard a growing number of pwMS in Australia are being tested and treated, many with encouraging results.
Nice to see a government body get on board.

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