Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Take it to the Hill!

Another CCSVI post...

"A group of patients with multiple sclerosis gathered on Parliament Hill Tuesday [June 1st, 2010] to testify how a controversial new treatment has changed their lives, as two Liberal MPs reiterated their call for more research."

In terms of CCSVI, these people are the ones to watch in Canada right now - the two Liberal MPs (Dr. Carolyn Bennett and Dr. Kirsty Duncan) and Dr. Sandy MacDonald (mentioned in an earlier post about CCSVI). Canadians are traveling to Poland, Kuwait, India, and other countries to seek out a treatment that isn't uncommon or any more dangerous than other surgeries. Some of these people are using every cent they have for a procedure they could be having here at home. Dr. MacDonald, a cardiovascular surgeon has been using his own funds to research CCSVI and receive training on Dr. Zamboni's diagnosis protocol. Here's hoping the rest of Canada - a country known for having one of the highest prevalence rates of multiple sclerosis in the world - follows suit.

Following with great interest...

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