Monday, 27 October 2014

You do what now?

Hold on to yer panties - I've been running. 

Yes, running.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned my dilemma with running here before, but it can be summed up as "I run, I heat up, I fall over" - pretty typical for someone with heat sensitivity caused by MS. But, this funny little cold snap know as October has allowed me to get in a few kilometres here and there for a few weeks now. Actually, a few months. Whacky. 

I am seriously fortunate to have the best fiancée ever (vomir, right?) and she's been supporting the running. It's hilarious for me to be chugging along at 4km and see that she is chipper as a chipmunk and has hardly broken a sweat. I keep myself from throwing things at her by reminding myself that running isn't just a skill one picks up overnight. ;) She's a great running partner for me, though. She gets it. She knows I'm dealing with more than burning lungs and tired legs when I run - stabbing head pain being the number one issue. But, I tell myself that it's temporary and try to block it from my mind and carry on as best I can. Rather, I try to embrace it in some twisted way - acknowledge it and let it be so it fades from my immediate thoughts. Namaste, yo.

I'm by no means claiming to be a runner...I have more of a "YAY - it's over!" mindset about it. But, I'm ready to go as soon as N gets off work, so clearly something in me recognizes the gain beyond the pain. So, cheers to that! Also, Abbey's loving family running and I'm suddenly more likely to randomly run on our walks now and that blows her fuzzy little mind.

On the MS side of things - nothing to report. My lower right leg is numb off and on, but it doesn't impact my day to day physicality, and years after diagnosis, that sort of thing doesn't have a huge impact on my state of mind either. I'm also trying to ignore the jumping nerves in my face this past week. Hoping that's just lack of adequate rest. 

I've been eating well, exercising lots (heaven is 20 minutes and a set of dumbbells for me), and just trying to keep on keeping on in every positive light possible. Planning a wedding and having a dress (sidebar: WE BOUGHT DRESSES!) - those are big motivations for staying healthy and active.

Oh, new supplement CoQ10. Great for vascular health. If someone can explain the stabbing pain in my head when I run as anything other than a vascular issue, I'd love to hear it.