Friday, 21 May 2010

Race weekend!

It's marathon weekend!

Okay, let's not get ahead of the game, I don't run marathons. This is my second time walking a half-marathon since being diagnosed with MS. I am so excited! I once read a CBC article that read, "Some people with MS experience little disability during their lifetime. But up to 60 per cent are no longer fully able to walk 20 years after onset..." 20 years after onset? That'd make me 50. I want to be able to fully walk at 50. I figured that was a massive clue to start doing what I could for myself. I'd like to be in the other 40%, thankyouverymuch.

Walking has helped me learn a lot about myself. My heat sensitivity has taught me to have patience. My growing stamina has taught me not to judge people when I hear they have particular diseases or disorders. I've seen pity in the eyes of completely healthy people as they ask me how I'm doing (and often they are the same people who choose not to leave the couch on a sunny day...yeah, I'm trying to find some balance in my judgment). I need to have a line for those moments. I usually tell them I'm well...things are good. Next week I'll just tell them I've completed my 2nd half-marathon.

I'm doing great. That's how I'm doing.

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