Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Marathon update

Had a great time at the Blue Nose. A HUGE thanks to my partner in crime for gracing me with her wit and wisdom along the way.

So...I've now done a marathon, right? I just took 6 months off in the middle. :)

I felt great after the race. So happy to see the regular walking paying off.

On the MS side of things...
If I ever reach a point where I need a drop foot splint or a walker or even a wheelchair to do this stuff, you guys better cheer me on. This is what makes me happy - being an active, healthy person. Being outdoors. Mind you, huffing up cardiac hill in Point Pleasant Park in a wheelchair might not be so fun, but think of the upper body strength I'd have!

There was a guy in the race with a "I have Parkinsons but it doesn't have me" tee on. I want that mentality. He beat us by at least 20 minutes.

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