Thursday, 18 February 2016


It's National Drink Wine Day!

I alerted my wife to our patriotic duty via text this morning. I imagine her response was "We need a day for that?" but what I actually received was "I'm Driving - Sent From My Car" - a canned response with terrible capitalization that I simply can't get over.

Yes, that's a preposition at the end of a sentence. I like to live dangerously.

I hated wine when I was younger. Well, no. Hate is a strong word. My exposure to wine at an early age lead me to believe all wine was 1. white, and 2. sweet. I am not a fan of sweet whites, so I assumed I didn't like wine at all. Time went by and my dad became a bit of a connoisseur and I realized I actually really like wine. I still prefer red to white, or daytime wine, as a certain friend would say, but I enjoy a nice dry pinot gris on occasion.

Long gone are the teenage days of sipping cheapass spumante out of plastic water bottles, although I semi-remember those days fondly. I generally know which grapes I enjoy now and we have hosted a handful of wine tastings. I even have a wine book to write all my notes in, although, I'll admit its level of neglect is somewhere on par with this blog's. But, I have one! And there are h̶u̶n̶d̶r̶e̶d̶s̶ dozens of wines in there.

Living with MS means the thoughts of what to avoid consuming is a constant low level hum, but I tell myself it's a glassful of extra antioxidants. And it is. A delicious one.

On the MS front, all is quiet. And by that, I mean I have the usual cast of characters at play but nothing new worth mentioning. There's only so much one can say about numbness or leg pain and if I find it mind-numbingly boring, I'm sure you're all...

The wide open space here gives me every opportunity to be active. As extra incentive, I use an app on my phone to track all the fitness stats. Those, plus a single glance at my dog send me out in the fields to get my heart rate up. If we're not outside by 10 AM (aside from her early pee breaks), I get the wags of doom near my mug of tea. Cold nose pokes. Moans of "I'm so bored" even though she's a dog and can't speak actual words. Her tenacity is a fabulous motivator.


P.S. I just got an end of day text from Nance "Dear wifey, I am so glad it is international wine day. Hitting the road for home now."

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