Wednesday, 14 May 2014

All things four legged

What's that saying? Don't count your chickens before they hatch? Yeah, something like that.

So, Abbey needed a fourth knee surgery. 4 in 13 months. Heartbreaking, really. 

She's free and clear now - she had the other medial meniscus removed and is back home again, safe and sound. Poor pumpkin. I feel so bad for her - it must be utterly confusing. But, as always, the good news is she's recovering a-okay. She's back to her buoyant self - boundless energy. She's on house arrest for another week and a half and then rehab begins again. Today's the last day of meds and the incision looks good. Just when we were getting back into long walks!

So, here we are, snuggled up on the loveseat together, her giant head occasionally lolling across the keyboard, her rear left limb shorn and scarred. It'd be pitiful if every so often she didn't lift her head, tip it backwards and try to nibble my chin. I love this yellow beast. She's indefatigable and even more so now that she's not allowed leash walks. Lots and lots of training sessions to keep her mind busy. Her most recent behaviour is to place her chin on her right paw on cue. I've named it "nite nite".

Nothing to report in other areas. No change in symptoms that I can detect. I'm still off of Avonex and it seems to be going okay for now. One positive is that my Saturday mornings are way better without the Avonex hangovers I've had from the beginning. I'm still aiming to go through the provincial process once all the paperwork works out.

The MS walk is less than 2 weeks away. Looking forward to that. I'm past my goal now and am very grateful for the support. Here's hoping for decent weather! We'll go regardless, but good weather helps the overall mood of the event.

Nance has been out of town for a few days. I keep telling her that when she's not here, Ringo (the cat) is up nearly all night. This was this morning's example.

5:04 A.M. 
Woke in a haze. Something woke me but I wasn't sure what. Listen.
There it is. Ringo was breathing strangely. He has mild asthma, as many Siamese do, but this was different. Loud. Opened my eyes to try to spot him in the dark and could see he was on his cat perch, facing the wall. I called his name and he hopped to the bed then back to the perch then back to the bed wildly. Uh oh.

I threw my legs over the side of the bed and turned the lamp on. I could see from his profile that he was wide-eyed and breathing like he was the size of Jabba the Hut. I hopped out of bed to get to him and he snapped his head around looked at me like I was effing crazy…like I had pulled him out of a trance.

There was a moth in the bedroom. He had been stalking it. 

5:04 A.M.

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