Monday, 23 September 2013

Winter is coming...

We've been winterizing the house and I am really hoping all this work will make a difference in the electric bills this winter.  The big bonus of winterizing is we also do a "fall cleanup" at the same time. Ahhhh, decluttering!

So far we've gutted the porch closet, refilled it with summer love, and shrinkwrapped it. It's breezy out in the porch, so closing off the closet and window are necessary evils. Ultimately, I'd like to get someone who knows house-y things to tell us wt-heck we can do out there longterm to help with efficiency. I can see underneath there from the front stoop, so I'm guessing there's be a relatively easy way to insulate. Anyone? No idea. Must consult the fathers for suggestions.

Happy first day of autumn, friends. We've already cleared the lawn of leaves once, and the grass is again buried beneath them, so the seasons of blankets and wool socks approacheth! Whooo! Many dread our long winters, but I generally experience fewer symptoms through the cold months, so I welcome the white weather. Yeah, it's a lot of early morning and late night snowblowing and shovelling but I'll take it. 

But first, the season of colour! I am so excited to be heading to Newfoundland for a little trip during fall! I have lived in four provinces and one state and there's nothing that compares to the oranges, yellows, and reds that cover the west coast of Newfoundland in autumn. Love. 

It's gearing up to be an unusual trip for me because the dog, while recovering fantastically, is still not fully healed. That means no stairs, no slippery surface floors (hard to avoid, even here in our own house), and zero crate time. The specialist told us from the start that if we absolutely HAVE to crate her, to limit it as much as humanly possible. So, our babe has been uncrated since the first surgery. I like to keep her used to the idea since there will undoubtedly be times when we'll have to rely on the crate, but she's enjoying her freedom and there seem to be fewer occasions when a crate is warranted. Yellow tornado is growing up.

I always feel like I should include a note on how I'm doing for the fam who don't ask. On the symptom front, no real change. Still symptomatic. It's no better but no worse. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have sweaters to sort.

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