Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I can.

This woman ran a marathon every single day for a YEAR. On the final day, just for funsies, she ran two!

Oh, did I mention she has MS?

Tangentially related, there are many great things about the person I share home with but one of the greatest is that she doesn't let me say no to exercise. If I'm kinda tired or don't really want to, I don't get a look of disapproval or some elaborate attempt to change my mind - she chooses the only approach that works for me - she ignores me. She goes to the closet, puts on her sneakers and stands there until I'm ready to go too. I could be a stubborn ass about it, but I know that "I don't want to" is not a good reason and I'd only be mad at the missed opportunity later in the day.

So, while I'm no Annette Fredskov, be active with me. Come geocaching. Let's go on a hike. Grab a leash and help me walk the dog. If there's snow on the ground, bring your snowshoes. Life's a journey and journeys aren't all about sitting still.

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