Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Yes. Yes, I can.

I was getting blood drawn today (routine liver check) - unfortunately it's not as fun as getting one's picture drawn, but it's not all that bad - and the nurse struck up an odd little conversation.

There's nothing on my form to suggest I have MS and I've never met her before, but she randomly started telling me how she was in a great mood today because she was told she doesn't have MS. I...wasn't sure what to say. I congratulated her on her good news and she kept talking, telling me how she'd "have died" if it had turned out to be MS (you're gonna die some day anyway, hon). She had been having numb feet with painful pins and needles for weeks and her doc ordered a head MRI. It showed little spots but not lesions (not sure what she meant by that...if they were dilated Virchow-Robin spaces or what), so she got a clean bill of health. The numbness went away on its own.

She told me all this as she drew blood and then turned to me and asked, "Can you imagine being told you have MS? I don't know if I'd even be able to work". I did what felt like the right thing and let it go without opening up about MS. There's a difference between raising awareness or clarifying misconception and making someone feel like an ass.

I'm glad she doesn't have MS. I'm also glad she has great technique because she didn't even have to work to find my thread-like veins. 

I'm not sure what to make of this encounter. There's no moral or lesson here. Just a funny little happenstance. The people that you meet when you're walkin' down the street...


  1. Love reading your Blog are so witty and informed it is awesome! I particularly enjoy reading it and knowing how informed you are on the topic of MS, how your body is and your mind deals with MS plus your phenomenal insight into the topics of the drugs to treat MS & the foods...nice to hear you say "your Mom was right" when it comes to veggies are good for you. Remember your Nan (My Mom) trying to convince you that green peas taste like blueberries if you close your eyes:). You are so sweet not to react negatively to the Lab tech drawing your shows your maturity and composure at it!! Thank-you for updating...keep it coming and Oh I forgot to add you are a much better writer than I...I tend to ramble. Hugs....S.

  2. xo

    Nan was wrong, BUT, she'd never have guessed I'd end up loving veg with my eyes wide open.

    I don't know how I feel about the lab tech. It was incredibly unprofessional and left me stunned. But then I think about it...she likely sees people with MS and many people present much differently than I do. If I were in her shoes, I'd have been happy too...ecstatic. And I've been known to overshare when I'm excited, relieved, or even mad.

  3. Nik, your empathy is amazing. I don't think I'd have been able to keep my mouth shut in that same situation. But then again I'm me. :)


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