Thursday, 14 July 2011


On a much shorter, much more confused note, why on earth is Dr. Barry B. Rubin the vascular representative of Canadian CCSVI and MS research? How is he the person people go to for comments on CCSVI when he has been quoted as being very dubious about CCSVI from the start? Furthermore, how is it he's on the CIHR panel of experts , but pro-CCSVI doctors like Dr. MacDonald (who has studied and treated CCSVI patients) don't make those panels?

I'm not saying CCSVI treatment is the be all and end all, but how do we even get a crack at fair results when there's no balance in the panels? Dr. Rubin doesn't study venous diseases, his research is in bioactive phospholipids. I'm not suggesting he's driven by pharmaceutical companies (at all, I swear), but how do we get past the stupid playground politics between vascular professionals looking for MS solutions in body mechanics and molecular researchers looking for MS solutions in drugs. We need both! Don't put someone whose speciality is inflammation in front of the mic when the questions are about CCSVI.


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