Thursday, 27 January 2011

Show and tell

Howdy, peoples!

I figured I'd post a few links so you can see the effects of CCSVI treatment in action. I do understand that placebo effect and the power of the mind are mighty, but some of this is truly too remarkable for me to file it under placebo. These results are measurable and observable positive changes following CCSVI surgery. Basic angioplasty. This is a quick sampling I've gathered in a YouTube playlist...there are many, many positive CCSVI videos out there. I hope you take the time to watch one or two of these. The changes in drop foot, balance, speech, and gait are worth a look.  

I don't personally believe that CCSVI is causation. I don't think it's what has created these scleroses in my head. I do think there's some sort of link, though. And if not, how is bettering your blood flow a bad thing again?

Before and after. This woman is a CCSVI advocate and you can see why:

Before and after (stilettos in the after!):


Before and after (silent but has captions):

As for me, I'm very well and happy. I'm loving all of this snowy weather and the challenge of conquering a new snowblower. I've been out snowshoeing and I'm hoping to get skiing this weekend! I'm nervous about it, to be honest. I haven't skied in a few years and have no idea if balance will be an issue for me. Keep your fingers crossed!

I am truly fortunate that my health is so stable. I don't want to take it for granted.

Much love!

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