Monday, 20 December 2010

drumroll, please...

I had a doctor's appointment today. Just a routine check-up for a prescription refill. As a footnote to the visit, my doc mentioned that she had my MRI results. I hadn't heard back from my neuro's office, so I wasn't expecting MRI news and had an immediate flutterby in my throat. I'm funny about knowledge; I don't like being on the empty-handed side of it. I want to be the holder and as soon as I'm aware that it's there for the taking, I want it immediately. Those moments before obtaining information about my health (or anything large, for that matter) are excruciating for me.

But my tiny moment of panic was for naught!

My MRI, as reported by the radiologist, included no lesions (plaques, scleroses, exacerbations, flares, whatever you want to call them) on my spine. That means the ones that were there 4 years ago are…gone. (slightly teary-eyed, one moment)

[tiny intermission]

In other good news, I have no apparent signs of new lesions on my brain. That's not to say the old lesions aren't there, but hell yeah that they haven't changed for the worse or made new friends up there!

Also, more yayness - no signs of lesions in other areas such as the brainstem or thoracic spine - where very symptomatic lesions can often be found.

So, that means, assuming the radiologist's interpretation is accurate and the resolution of the MRI is enough to go on, I have no actively enhancing lesions. Everything seems to be +1.

Life is good.

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