Monday, 8 November 2010



I got up at 5:20 this morning. Got myself ready for the MRI. Took a sedative. Registered at the hospital. Had a nice tech allow me to bring someone in with me (she saw the panic on my face, I'm sure, when she suggested they don't normally let people in).

Sat in the belly of the beast for around 28 minutes before having to come out again and reposition. Spine first, then brain.

Not having music was not fun, but having someone there to grab my toes was great. Nance is my rock.

This time the sedative actually worked. I wasn't as panicky as I have been other times. I guess the fact that I'm 45 lbs lighter than the last time I was shoved into the cigar tube also helps. And I'm in a better frame of mind. Overall much happier in life. So, from start to finish, the scan wasn't so bad. It even seemed shorter than it was. No one told me not to swallow (if you tell me I can't swallow I panic and swallow). No one told me not to breathe deeply. It all worked out well. I fought back some panic, but it wasn't too hard to overcome this time.

So there. Done.

...oh, and the 7 hour nap afterwards was also good.

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