Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Great deal for a low, low, price!

It's happening already.

As predicted, punching "CCSVI" into major search engines now turns up ads for "Liberation packages" that promise no wait and all-inclusive fees. This is one of the things that worries me the most about all of this news and research - the woodwork organizations - whether or not people seeking real relief will be able to wade through false claims and to-good-to-be-true deals. Who can tell what's legitimate?

I question my own "wait and see" approach sometimes, but I'm sure as hell not ready to travel all the way across this blue marble to have surgery in a place where I don't speak the language. I applaud the people willing to take those leaps for a shot at bettering their lives, but I'm not about to plan an operation around Google Adsense.

On a distantly related note, try out the duckduckgo.com search engine! It's made by a fellow redditor and gives pretty good (untracked!) results.

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